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Last news...

Andrew Odogwu, from Italy

Great pictures from Andrew Odogwu, the photographer who spent 3 days of last week in the hide of Alinyà. Look at the wet plumage, beautiful!

NVN Festival … there we go!

FoMW is ready to participate on the NVN-Festival! The event happening in Arnhem (Holland) will offer Seminars, Wildlife Photographers speeches and several stands of Camera and Photography gear brands, Magazines and Nature and Photography organizations. Taking advantage of this event F

Happy New Year

To say Goodbye to 2013 a last assistance to the Hide in Alinyà. Jordi, Emília and Vicente could enjoy a fantastic day having heavy rain, fog, suddenly shiny sun and the magic scene of having the Griffon Vultures with their wings all spread open to let their bodies dry under the sun.

Hi december!

December is here and with him the Lammergeyer comes to the hide again. This day together with the griffon vultures!